1 Brand Name Sandeep
2 Model Singal Phase ll Three Phase
 3 Capacity 5A, 10A, 16A, 20A, 32A, 62A.
 4 Power Supply 1Ø (Single Phase), 2-Pole, 220V , 50Hz, AC.
 5  Over Load Yes, Treping
 6  Over Voltes  Yes, Treping
 7  Under Voltes  Yes, Treping\\ No, Treping
 8  Earth Likege  Yes, Treping
 9 Sensity 5 ml to 30ml
 10  Testing Switchs Yes, Triping
 11 Bypass And  Working, Silect Switch And Led Indicator
 12 Dimensions 6 inch L X 5 inch B X 3 inch H